Yellow Limestone Cobbles

Yellow Limestone Cobbles

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Yellow Limestone Cobbles , These “Cobblestone” is a messy term. It’s defined to square Cobbles or rounded water-worn stone, used for paving streets. Yellow Limestone Cobbles Paving with cobblestones allows to road to be heavily used for long years. Its prevents the buildup of the ruts often founded in dirty roads. Another Advantage of Cobbles not getting muddy in wet weather and dusty in dry weather.



prices vary depending on order size, destination and thickness. so that they know that the price may be less or more state that all prices are specified for Toronto, and any other countries pricing may vary.



Yellow Stone Cobbles  has a yellow surface also called Tandur Yellow Cobbles. It is mainly used for Gardening, Landscaping,Pavements.

Yellow Limestone Cobbles is a natural material based on hard rock on sedimentary rocks, and used for Pavement roads, Parks, Parking Areas, Streets and Building Outsides.

Yellow Limestone are the traditional hard wearing, its gets visually friendly treatment areas of heavy usage and Pavements. These are natural stone material, which is environmentally, sound, recyclable. These are Low maintenance and non-slippery.


Thickness: 10 mm to 50mm
Sizes : 50 x 50mm
Color: Yellow
Finish: Handcut, Machine Cut, Tumbled, Calibrated.
Packaged: Loose Packing and Palletized in crates.

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Inventory Last Updated: Dec 06, 2023