Crownstone® Coping stone
Crownstone® Coping stone
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Crownstone® Coping stone

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Crownstone® Rebated coping provides the finishing piece for your natural stone wall, patio or porch. Without coping, a porch will often look incomplete. With the rebated coping, you are able to achieve the appearance of a full finish coping natural hand chiseled edge while the back reduces in size to lay flat in line with our traditional flagstone and pavers.

 prices vary depending on order size, destination and thickness. so that they know that the price may be less or more state that all prices are specified for Toronto, and any other countries pricing may vary.

Rebated coping gives your landscape project relatively maintenance free protection while offering an additional personalization.

Crownstone® natural stone wall coping comes in a variety of different colours and shapes, providing you the opportunity to either colour coordinate with your walls or to choose a bold colour to create an architectural focal point for your outdoor landscaping project.


  • Top Natural, Bottom Calibrated,
  • Edges Rock Faced on 1 Long Side
  • Or 1 Bullnose on 1 Long Side


  • Standard Length: 48”
  • Standard Width: 12”
  • Standard Thickness: 1” to 2”

Contact Crownstone® to find a local dealer or to request available sizes and colours 


    The Crownstone® Coping stone is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

    Inventory Last Updated: Dec 06, 2023