How are we better?


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Our quality controlling team pre selects the stone at the quarry for colour and evenness of splitting, to ensure a clean riven textured surface. It is re-checked on reaching our yards for manufacturing and processing. Final inspection is done for each piece of stone prior to packing

Manufacturing Facility

At CrownStone,all our products are manufactured and processed in house.Our processing unit is equipped with state of the art machinery for sawing,calibrating,edge cutting,flaming, honing and polishing of stones. Our dedicated team of skilled and experienced stonemasons can supply stone hand-dressed on templates as per architect's specifications.


We at CrownStone understand that good packaging is very important to ensure the quality of our material. All our products are packed in wooden crates and the wood used in the crates are chemically treated to protect it from termite or other damage in long run.All crates are tied well with belts so as to give extra strength to the crates and are shrink wrapped to protect the material from outside dust and moisture. Thermocol sheets/foam sheets are placed on all sides so as to give extra precaution to sawn and shotblasted pavings.All crates are properly labelled before getting stuffed in the containers. We also provide client’s branding on the crates if required.

Real-time Order Status Information

We give our customers an expected date of dispatch as soon as the order is received. The customer is updated with real-time processing stage of the material on request. In case of any delay in dispatch due to unavoidable circumstances, the customer is well informed on time.


On time delivery of our orders is core principle of our business and we ensure this by maintaining a large quantity of raw material stock in all colours for un-interrupted supplies right through the year.



Crownstone has thirty operating quarries to extract premium quality sandstone, limestone, and granite products across the Indian subcontinent. The quarries are equipped with state of the art machinery and technology, as well as highly skilled and motivated workers to provide customers with a wide variety of sizes, colours and textures to choose from.
Crownstone has provided employment to over 750 highly motivated personnel including mining engineers and quality control inspectors. All employees in the Crownstone group are equipped with modern safety and productivity enhancing tools, ensuring our quarries are run in accordance with the latest environmentally friendly mine management methods.
To verify the authenticity of Crownstone natural stone products, make sure that all crates are labeled with “Crownstone” followed by a crate number. For more information please call the distribution centre (416)560-3305 if you have any questions or concerns.